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Classic Ford Truck Parts

When searching for 1948-1979 F-1, F-100, F150, and F-250 (Ford F Series) Pickup classic ford truck body parts on the World Wide Web, there are many companies to choose from. Carolina Classics F-100s @ Carolina-Classics .com has been a favorite shopping place for many of these FORD truck owners, as we are now in our 37th year of not only selling quality parts (many made in the US) but caring about our customers, who are satisfied to the point that they have referred us to others for all these years.

Sure you can buy F 100 classic ford truck parts online from many other companies, and after a while, you'll realize that from some, you'll get some great parts, and sometimes not always the parts that they are describing on their websites. This happens mainly because lots of the companies out there are out to make a sale no matter what the cost. Remember they are a business, and they need money to stay in business. Guess what, so do we, but here's the difference between Carolina Classics F-100s and some of our competitors.

Key Facts of Carolina Classics – “The F 100 Classic Ford TruckParts Manufacturers”:

We are the manufacturer of many FIRST reproduction parts for the older FORD trucks like: the 1st 1961-66 Fiberglass radiator supports (with metal mounting brackets), the 1st repro. Twin I Beam Plastic insert, along with Camper Special, Four Wheel Drive, 100, and Ranger inserts as well (for your fender emblems on the 1965-66), the 1st and ONLY manufacturers of the 10 Pc. Chrome body side molding kits, 1964-66 Front of Bed Header or Styleside Bed Panel made of original gauge steel just to name a few.

Besides, we know a little more about trucks, because we have built some Show Winners, parted out who knows how many over the years, work on them AND drive them every day. Who can guess what happens when you drive the same vehicle every day? They occasionally break...."Oh my"

Nobody likes to be breaking down and having to spend money working on their FORD truck all the time. It can get costly, but if you switch it around and look at the asset that comes with it, there is so much a person can learn by working on it yourself (knowledge you won't get everywhere)...ha, ha, and we've been down that road of hard knocks of learning things we never knew could or would happen, believe me.

For instance: Did you know: if you run an UN-vented gas cap on a FORD truck that was designed to have a vented gas cap, it can actually suck your gas tank SO flat, that you can't get more than 3 gallons of gas into it. That's when you found out you did something wrong.

Oh" and about the breaking part....much thanks goes to Mr. Henry Ford for that. When he designed the assembly line, and started pumping out Model T’s, his innovation reduced the time it took to build a car from more than 12 hours, to two hours and 30 minutes. Also with that kind of reduction in time, it was much cheaper to build them than before. As the pace accelerated, Ford produced more and more cars, and on June 4, 1924, the 10-millionth Model T rolled off the Highland Park assembly line.

I'm not sure if it's true, but I've heard that he once said: he could build trucks, cars and GIVE them away and still make a fortune selling parts for them....because he designed them to break down. It does make sense though.

We could go on telling about our parts, things we've done for customers in the past that no other companies would probably ever do...and so on.

But our customers tell the story best of our highest quality.

Wrapping Up:

Need to buy F 100 classic ford truck parts such as F100 Classic Ford Truck Front Cab Mounts, Cab Support or Body Supports?

Carolina Classics F100's, Ford Pickup Truck Front Cab Mounts, manufactured in USA, Our Cab Mounts (sometimes referred to as Cab Supports), are fabricated in our shop in Durham NC from 14 gauge steel, like the original ones were, which is necessary to give you the sturdy structural foundation needed to build your truck on.

Front floor cab support mounts 1961-64 (sold in PAIRS only). These are both made the same length, and fits: 1961-1964 F-100 thru F-600 2WD & 4WD, including the 1961-63 Unibody trucks, and 1965-1966 F-250 thru F-600, and 4WD

Review the highly detailed install videos on YouTube from Satisfied Customers.