Why to go to Auto Swap Meets of Classic Ford Truck Parts manufacturers?

We get this question often. Why should I go to the Auto Swap Meets? When we can buy from your web site Carolina-Classics.com.

We sometime ask our self the same questions, because it’s a lot of work loading and unloading the Carolina Classics F-100 classic ford truck Parts Trailer. As you know, the weather can be flexable, we went through ALL four seasons at a Carlislie PA Spring Show. One day it was Spring weather, 78 degress beautiful sunny day, the next day we experienced heavy rain and snow. To make the best of the event, we made a snowman and post a sign on him said closed for winter will reopen in the fall. The next day was literally like a Fall day, cool and breezy. Then came summer on the final day when we were packing up the vendor trailer to return home. That day was 87degrees, humid, and hot.

So why GO, when it is possible to Buy F 100 classic ford truck parts online? As you know some companies do not go to the Auto Swap meets. (1) We go so the customers can see the Quality Parts that we manufacture. (2) We go because it allows us to meet our customers and answer techincal questions about the parts we manufacture and sell. (3) When an individual can see a demonstration on how a part is installed or works it allows them to purchase the correct part. Yes, we answer telephone questions, and e-mails, but nothing beats seeing a demonstration, or receiving one on one tips of what to do.

You as our customers have informed us that some of our competitors have provided you with our phone number for you to contact us if you have technical questions, because some of them have never serviced or driven an F-100.

We do five major auto swap events:

● Carlisle PASpaces:  Row NB 1-5

● Fall CarlislePA Spaces:  Row NC 9-13

● Spring CharlotteNC Spaces: XXB 89-93

● Fall CharlotteNC Spaces: XXB 89-93

● Pigeon Forge Grand National f-100 reunionin May Spaces: Inside the LeCont Convention Center

You know finding parts for your truck can be exciting. Also finding them can be a challenge, and there might have been times when you’ve wondered where to buy the truck parts you need. You know it’s like a treasure hunt! You may be able to find some parts online, but it requires some research to help ensure you’re getting the part you need for your unique investment.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful, because the major auto swap meets can be overwhelming if you are new to them.

Put your list in writing

Part numbers, photos or even drawings can be useful in the buying process; in an ocean of parts, certain items can look similar. Write down as much information as you can to ensure you get the part(s) you need. Having a good idea of what your part looks like makes it easier to spot. This also makes it easier to ask the seller or another truck buff about whether it's the right component or not. 

Take cash. The major swap meet events will have ATM at the information office.

We will take credit cards but some sellers do not accept credit card payments,

Plan to Spend Some Time

Swap meets aren’t always a quick in-and-out event. Be prepared to walk around to search for your parts and speak with the vendors. Look for clean parts that are priced reasonably. While some tables may be neatly arranged, other vendors may have heaps of parts in a box or bin. A thorough search may yield some great finds, although it'll take more time than you'd spend at an auto parts store. 

Take the right tools

In addition to your list of parts required that you need immediately, also make notes on items you will need in the future. At our booth we will have a tape measure so you ensure the parts are the correct size. As you know a few centimeters off can make a big difference. We also suggest you bring some gloves because sheet metal parts get hot and will cut you. 

How will you Transport your Parts Home and around the Show?

Do you need a box or backpack to transport them? If you’re buying a large part or plan to make multiple purchases, think about how you’re going to tote them around the swap meet. We allow our customers to leave their purchases and pick them up on their way home in the evening some vendors do not allow that service. So, think about how will you carry your parts, I mean your valuable treasures around at the show. Also how are you going to transport the items home. Individuals have purchased from us 1948-79 F100 Windshields, 1951-72 Ford F100 Front Bed Panels and when they arrived at their car, they could not fit them in their vehicle  and contact a freight company to have them shipped to their home.

Ready, set, buy

Now that you’re fully prepared, just two tasks left to handle.

  • Bring a truck enthusiastic friend, it will make the trip more enjoyable, plus another set of hands to your treasures/ parts.
  • Enjoy a few photos of Carolina classics.com at the shows: